Hey everyone! It is now the end of week 12 of BIOL1362 and the semester. It was a bit challenging but also¬†fun at times. I gained alot of knowledge throughout this course and I hope my posts were information and helpful to your understanding on the various topics discussed. ūüôā


Enzymes, Glycolysis and Carbohydrates MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions for Enzymes, Glycolysis and Carbohydrates



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1) Aldoses have a/an;

a) carboxyl proup

b) keto group

c) aldehyde group

d) amino group

e) nitrile group

2) How many major classes of enzymes are there?

a) 9

b) 8

c) 7

d) 6

e) 4

3) What class of enzymes does hexokinase fall under?

a) lyases

b) oxidoreductases

c) transferases

d) isomerases

e) hydrolases

4) Which factor affects the rate of an enzyme catalyzed reaction?

a) pH

b) presence of an inhibitor

c) temperature

d) substrate concentration

e) all of the above

5) Fermentation is important for cells;

(i)to produce NADH  (ii)to regenerate NAD+ for glycolysis  (iii)to produce ATP  (iv)to produce NADH and ATP  (v)to produce Acetyl CoA

a) i & v are correct

b) iii only

c) ii only

d) iii & v

e) iv only

6) Which of the following is/are non-reducing sugars;

(i)glucose (ii)galactose  (iii) sucrose (iv) fructose (v) trehalose

a) i & iv

b) iii only

c) i, ii & iii

d) iii & v

e) v only

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